2022 Year in Review

 In D-Brief

In 2022, we accomplished a lot. From partnering with various organizations around the community to selling out of our single-family homes and making tremendous progress at our Greyhound Park Development.


Property Updates

Mile High Greyhound Park – The Landing

We were thrilled to announce the official opening of the Landing! Thank you to our partners who attended the grand opening event in December! As part of the grand opening, we held an art contest with the members of the Suncor Boys and Girls Club. Students entered pieces based on their personal and cultural memories and experiences of the historic Greyhound Park dog track. All participants attended the grand opening to represent their art and accepted their scholarship awards. We hope you can stop by to see thier work which will be featured in the Landing’s future coffee shop and art Gallery

Mile High Greyhound Park- James Allen Community Park

We were excited to announce the name of our community park at the grand opening: James Allen Community park! James Allen is a pillar of the Commerce City community. From serving in the air force to working as a Commerce City council member for 20 years, we’re thrilled to recognize James Allen at Mile High Greyhound Park!

Mile High Greyhound Park- Duplexes

We are proud to offer two paths towards home ownership for the remaining 1700+ square-foot duplexes. The 3- or 4-bedroom duplexes are listed at $535,000-555,000 for people to buy now. We are proud to offer a unique, rent-to-own opportunity as well. Residents are able to turn their rent payments into equity at the end of their 6-month lease term and receive $1,000 per month returned as a down payment. Call 866-984-6664 or email hello@mygreyhoundpark.com to learn more!

Park Hill Station, Baker School Apartments and the Landing

Our goal at Delwest is to meet Denver’s housing needs. That’s why we’ve prioritized building affordable communities in and around the Denver metro area. In fact, we’ve had the privilege of building over 300 affordable housing units in the last 5 years. We are grateful to the voters of Colorado for recognizing the need for affordable housing and voting in favor of Proposition 123 in November!

Learn more about our affordable communities and availability on our website.


2022 Partnerships

We are pleased to highlight all of the partners we worked with in the community this year. Whether you provided resident services, donated money to summer programming, worked on-site or something else- we appreciate you and couldn’t do what we do without you!

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