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It’s been a busy summer at Delwest from groundbreaking ceremonies at our new development to pool parties at our market rate properties to summer programs at our affordable properties.

Property Update

One dozen lucky families and individuals were able to take advantage of a unique opportunity at our newest development, Greyhound Park. We offered a rent-to-own option for our 1,700+ square foot duplexes! For residents with this option and in good standing, they will have the opportunity to turn their rent payments into equity at the end of their lease term. For every month they paid rent, Delwest will give $1,000 back as a down payment.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

In August, Delwest held a groundbreaking ceremony at our Greyhound Park development to celebrate the beginning of the Empowerment Apartments project.

This was a proud moment for Delwest, our partners, the Empowerment Program, and Crossland Construction. The Empowerment Program is a local nonprofit that provides supportive housing to cisgender and transgender women in disadvantaged positions. The building of this complex represents Delwest’s mission to provide affordable housing to the diverse communities in the Denver metro area, leading with inclusivity and support.

Summer Events

Photo: Art Garage Denver

Two of our affordable housing properties, Park Hill Station and Baker School Apartments, hosted summer programs for school-aged residents. During the 6-week program, kids participated in activities ranging from gardening to crafting to reading. Delwest, together with Denver Public Schools’ Bruce Randolph School and Jewish Family Services’ Lunchbox Express, provided 2 meals/day and snacks to participants. A favorite activity was the weekly, 90-minute class provided by Art Garage. Both locations were able to have quality art education each week!

Huge thanks to our partners for helping make this program a success!

Read in Color Event

Earlier this summer, Park Hill Station hosted Little Free Library’s Launch Party for their #ReadInColor event! After partnering with BookGive, Park Hill Station was not only selected as our city’s launch party site, but also as a recipient of a Little Free Library and curated book collection. BookGive will continue to provide books for this collection. Baker School Apartments is also a recipient of a Little Free Library and the #ReadInColor program.

Read in Color is an initiative from Little Free Library that aims to amplify diverse voices at a grassroots, community level. By allowing children to have access to diverse books, we can increase understanding, empathy, and inclusion.

We were grateful to have author Nyasha Williams join the Launch Party as well as the following community organizations who set up tables:

Partner Initiatives

Our partner, BookGive, just had their fall fundraiser to help their mission of expanding reading accessibility in Denver. We encourage those who are able to continue to support their mission and donate or get involved!

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Nick

Nick Paige joined the Delwest team a few months ago as the new Community Manager for one of our market-rate properties, Park Hill 4000.

A fun fact about Nick is that he shares the same birthday as Mariah Carey and Quentin Tarantino (March 27). Thank you for all your hard work, Nick!

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