As Affordable Housing Dries Up in Denver, Delwest Is Offering New Work Force Apartments

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It’s no secret that affordable housing is becoming harder and harder to find in the Denver Metro Area. The Front Range of Colorado has become a destination for many Americans, and these days more people than ever want to live here, want to work here, and want to make their homes here for the long term. And that can get expensive for residents, both new and old alike.

Unfortunately, that’s a common side effect of living in one of the most-desirable, fastest-growing regions in the country. Colorado’s population jumped by more than 100,000 residents in 2015, placing us second behind only North Dakota in terms of population gain, and all of those new residents have done a number on the local housing market, driving up costs across the board and increasingly making the Front Range a desirable but expensive place to live.

Here at Delwest, we’re committed to serving Colorado’s residential communities at every level. We know that true community isn’t built solely on luxury developments and high-end condos, but residents also making less than 60% of area median income need to be considered as well, and we’re always on the lookout for projects that let us do that right here in our hometown.

That’s why we were included in a recent Denver Post story entitled “Cities step up as affordable housing evaporates along Front Range,” which mentions Park Hill Station, the 156-unit, income-restricted apartment community that we recently completed in partnership with the Urban Land Conservancy. Located at East 40th Ave. and Colorado Blvd. in Denver, near the I-70 interchange, the complex is near a soon-to-be-completed RTD Light Rail station and is targeted toward residents making 60% of the area median income or less. It features modern amenities, easy access to downtown Denver, and will soon be home to a variety of commercial options as well.

This is a project that we’re exceedingly proud to call our own, and it brings well-built, brand-new residential options to Denver’s renters.

Read more at The Denver Post

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