As Mass Transit Expands, Denver’s Transportation Future Comes Into Focus

Screenshot-2015-11-13-09.20.04For generations of Americans, finding a place to leave the car has been an all but required part of everyday life. But this is changing, both here in Denver and nationwide.

As the Front Range has become more urbanized, parking has become less of a priority for both new and existing residents alike. Downtown developments, in particular, are dedicating less space for parking than in years’ past, and this trend is changing not only the face of the Denver residential real estate market, but also the day-to-day lives of those living in this fast-growing community.

At Delwest we see this as a great thing for our city and the developers who are working to reinvent our downtown neighborhoods. We also recognize that not everyone is able to take advantage of the city’s growing public transportation system, so that’s why we’re providing housing that’s both close to mass transit as well as with access to 1.5 spaces per residential unit. That way, we can serve both residents who take public transport as well as those who still need to commute to and from work by car.

For example, as our president and CEO told The Denver Post recently, our new Park Hill Station development is right next to a soon-to-open light rail stop in east Denver and is tailored toward families that either take public transport exclusively or only have one car.

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