Celebrating the Empowerment Apartments 🎉

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We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our first permanent supportinve housing property, Empowerment Apartments. Delwest built a 50-unit apartment building at Greyhound Park for the Empowerment Program. Empowerment will provide 24/7 staff and will run all resident-programs.

The Empowerment Program is a Denver-based nonprofit that helps individuals live a healthier life by removing barriers to health, housing, education and more. Learn more about the Empowerment Program here.

Delwest hosted a Grand Opening to celebrate Greyhound Park’s newest property,
The Empowerment Apartments.

Julie Kiehl, J.D. (Executive Director of The Empowerment Program, Inc.), Joe DelZotto (President and CEO of Delwest), Ken Hoagland (Founder and President of Community Capital Corp.)

We are grateful to the Karen Osburn Band for entertaining us with wonderful music, to the talented artists Angela Ramirez and Iris J. Scadden and to Biscuits and Berries for tasty refreshments. The art will be permanently displayed in the building’s community space.

Before the celebration,  Adams County Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio, Zac Schaffner of DOLA, Stephanie Butler of CCHA, Julie Kiehl, Ken Hoagland and Joe DelZotto said a few words.

Big thanks to the Delwest team and all who made this project happen!

Meet Mark Shaner! Mark is a highly experienced attorney at MERRICK SHANER & BERNSTEIN, LLC. All of us at Delwest are grateful to be one among many of Mark’s clients. His dedication and legal counsel benefit all-things-Delwest and we are grateful! The Delwest team appreciates his kindness, approachability and guidance nearly every day. Joe met Mark over 20 years ago while working through a real estate deal. Joe was the buyer and Mark represented the seller.

Mark’s favorite part of his job is doing deals and negotiating. He enjoys it all!

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