Partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver

 In D-Brief


We are thrilled to share the partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver. Together, we created a unique summer program that left an indelible mark on the hearts of our young members. We are proud to donate to the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver to help facilitate this partnership.

This summer, we had programs for all three of our affordable apartments: Baker Schoolthe Landing, and Park Hill Station.

The customized club experience differed at each property and featured access to our engaging programming, nutritious meals, state-of-the-art technology resources, dedicated staff, and even transportation for exciting field trips. It was a summer of fun, learning, and growth.

Programs included social and emotional learning activities. For example, creating friendship bracelets, field trips to paint pottery at Color Me Mine, seeing the new Spider-Man Movie in Theatres, Adventure Golf and Raceway, and the Denver Children’s Museum.

This extraordinary collaboration exemplified the power of community partnerships in shaping positive experiences for our youth. We extend our gratitude to the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver and look forward to future endeavors.

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